New Year Resolutions

On the eve of New Year's, I decided to look at my dream list and see which ones I can cross off and what ones I want to accomplish in 2011. It's a scary thing to "speak out" New Year Resolutions. It makes you accountable to everyone listening.

114. Picnic in Central Park.

I LOVE New York City. There is no other way to say it. It captured my heart this time nearly eight years ago. I spent a week in the great city with my best friend and we stood in Time Square to welcome in 2003. It's a week I always look back on and smile. I went back for a day when I visited my friends in DC. But it was not long enough and only made me crave the city and it's creativity more.

This year I turn 30, and would love nothing more than to spend my 30th birthday in the BIG Apple. So it seems only fitting to eat my birthday lunch in Central Park.

67. Leave an inspiring message in 100 random places

I have bought the paper. I have the pens. I now just need to write the inspiring/encouraging messages and leave them in random places for others to find.

I’m sure other items on my dream list will be crossed off in 2011, but these two I am making a conscious effort to obtain.

More than a New Years Resolution, what is on your dream list?


  1. My new years resolution: live gluten free. is a challenge.

  2. I originally have number 42 on my 2011 list, but then I got scared :)

  3. haha that's great :) You just have to live in Germany for a year and then that's done ;)


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