I'm turning 30 in 2011

As 2010 closes, I can’t stop thinking about my impending 30th  birthday in 2011.

That’s right the BIG 3-0, and while I LOVE every birthday and make every effort to enjoy each one to its fullest - this one seems rather pivotal.

Maybe even a milestone.

Sure, I could be making a bigger deal out of my 30th birthday than necessary.
But why not?
I will officially be considered an Adult.
An Adult adult, if you know what I mean.

No more using “I’m in my 20’s” as an excuse for not knowing what I want to do with my life. That is what the 20’s are for, right? - to figure life out. The 30’s are for doing that which I discovered.

Did you know 30 is the average age of retirement for NFL players?
30... WHAT?!

Maybe this is why I’m so scared. I’m supposed to be an Adult now. We are told to act our age when we are five, and now I feel like I’m supposed to listen.

But, I don't want to fear 3-0. I want to embrace it and experience life to it's fullest in my 30's, just like I did with my 20's. I want to laugh harder, love deeper and experience life more than I ever have before.

So for those of you who have turned 30, give me tips:
- Reasons why turning 30 is awesome.
- Advice of things to do BEFORE turning 30.
- Life lessons learned when you turned 30.
- The hard truth about turning 30.
- Etc.
- Etc.

I’m asking.


  1. Thirthy, Flirty, and Thriving.

  2. Ah yes, the anxiety of turning 30 -which, by my consensus, is something shared largely by women ;) Or perhaps men just don't share their concern for having to grow up! Probably a little of both. Anyway, turning 30 for me has been rather blah. Firstly, most of my friends and even some relatives don't believe I'm actually 30 years old. I suppose I should take the compliment and be quiet. Secondly, the reason turning the big 3-0 has gone on with less fanfare than normal is tied closely to the first reason and that being my having gone back to school, changing careers, finding faith, changing churches, not being even close to marriage (and that's not from a lack of effort!) and really just having a whole different slant on the path of life. What does this mean? Well, if Friend A has a career, wife, 2nd house, etc. etc. by the age of 30, but he and I have always been different, what makes me think that I should, or even could, share the same sense or response to, um, simply existing for 30 years?! (Friend A is, in fact, my good friend and I've finally stopped trying to compete with him!)

    Now that should not imply that we 'simply exist' -you know this better than most of us, Lindsay.

    (My responses out of order:)
    On that note, I have to say that you have done more than a lot of people do in their entire lifetime, let alone 'before turning 30'... so count those blessings right there.

    Why turning 30 is awesome? Because wisdom and knowledge is found in experience and time... and that moves forward (aging). I can only speak for myself, obviously, but even having -or striving for- strong faith, it takes years of thought, study, great conversation and hard experiences to find truth. With the distractions of modernity, we aren't as likely to see all these great things by the age of 30. Fortunately, you have :) Keep on moving!

    Life lessons? Some times you do not get a chance to apologize. Some times things do not get fixed. And each time you fail to love as God does, you know it... and you learn. This correlates with the previous marks above. And the mistakes I've made in my twenties will hopefully, with God's grace, not happen again. Lesson: know that all of life's interactions are precious and you may only get one chance to be... who?

    Hard truths? It's totally unavoidable! ha! But seriously, the more important thing is this: once some fellow students and friends DO realize my age, they tend to look to me for advice. For you, it might be that they notice more closely what Lindsay has to say or what Lindsay is doing about such-and-such... because she isn't 24 or 28 years old anymore. She knows better than we do. It's a big responsibility here. People in their 30s and 40s can do much damage or they can do much good for the teens and 20s in society. That's what I have noticed.

    Life is beautiful. You have good spirits. You have good faith. I may be wrong, but you seem to be one of those who will never feel old :)

  3. Ah, good luck with being REALLY OLD, I am only a young man, 29 next year.

  4. Lindsay....

    I dreaded turning 30 and don't like the fact that I am 30+ now and still don't know what will happen with my life in a year. This feels like being 21 again when you have the whole world in front of you.

    However, I agree with what your friend Nick stated. There can be wisdom that comes from getting older and with experience. (Depends on the person though if wisdom is gained or not). :)

    I have just determined my path is my own and mine to walk rather that looks like someone else's or not. My life has never been the traditional American woman (finish college at 22, marry at 25, done having kids by 33). Therefore, age cannot define my stage in life. My stage in life is MY stage in life. Age has something to do with it, but not defined by it.

    Anyway...I suggest you bring it in, in a LOUD and CRAZY way. You only turn 30 once.



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