Best Christmas Ever? Possibly!

Our Christmas tree and fireplace

 Catherine, Layne's sister, invited the girls over to her apartment for a Christmas feast.
She is an amazing cook!

 Cam and Nay giving me their excited faces

Being a kiwi, Nay talked with her family our Christmas Eve, which was their Christmas day eve.

Natalia and I sharing a moment.

 Isn't it beautiful?!

 Our table

Nay and I breaking the wish bone

Nay won, can you tell?

I then proceeded to attack her

Joel arrived and made himself at home

 Speed Scrabble

Seth from Nigeria

 Joel, not trusting me as score keeper because I was kicking everyone's butt.

 Cam and Mati make a good team

 More boys came and ate, we had plenty

 Getting a back rub from lifting my camera all night

 Speed Scrabble turned into something else later in the night

 Later we watched King of California. Produced by Alexander Payne of Omaha

 Some got tired...

 ...and then woke up

 And then we played MAD GAB - the funniest game ever!

The Asians thought it was HILARIOUS to listen to the Americans speak... It was like we had accents.


  1. that looks so fun Linds!!! I'm glad you had a great Christmas!


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