Lessons Learned in Kolkata

Going through old updates, I found this quote I wrote and the truth is,
I've only just started realizing what it means:

Two days before leaving India, my Irish friend, Sandra asked me what I would take away from my time in Kolkata. Two things came to mind then:

1. My kids taught me to love without concern for the outcome. They screamed "Auntie, Auntie" each time they saw me and wrapped their tiny chubby arms around my legs. They didn't know me - will I love them in return or leave them in five minutes - and yet they still loved me. That, I think, is real love. Unselfish, "I just love you because it's you" type of love. It's beautiful, and something I could express more.

2. I found the common humanity walking the streets of Kolkata. I no longer feel pity or even compassion; but see them as people. My mercy or pity is turning to justice. Mercy implies that someone is lower and someone is higher. Justice recognizes our common humanity, while understanding their situation is unjust.

"Whom is 'poor' and who is 'rich' - the one in the photo or myself"