Cynthia with her friends Andy and Jimmy

Jimmy taking care of our overheated van

Cynthia buying fruits and veggies and speaking Bahasa Indonesian

The Pasar Atas market

Gua Jepang [Japanese Caves]. One of the many feats of engineering that the Japanese accomplished with slave labour during World War II.

The Sianok Canyon

There is a story behind this photo: We were sitting, drinking tea when all of a sudden I yell, "An elephant!" Everyone said, "What! were?" "Way out there, see the swinging tail?" "That's a water buffalo." "No. That is an elephant." "There are no elephants in West Sumatra, Lindsay." LONG PAUSE. "Oh yeah, it's not an elephant. I think I need to get my eyes checked."


  1. Classic Lindsay. We should have taken you to the zoo more. :)


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