Saturdays Are Special With New Friends

Natalia and I purchased a small water heater that came with two tiny cups. This will help us during the next three months as we travel. I also bought a spoon and bowl to eat out of.

Anne, Cambria and I spent some time Saturday and Sunday with our new friend Tajali and her family. They were so kind and showed us a great time!

The Kashmiri Golf Course in Sringar, Kashmir, India

Tajali [our new friend], Anne and Cambria posing.

Tajali and her cousin!

This was ice cream #2!!!

Tajali bought us corn from the side of the road.
Friend's don't let friends say THANK YOU

Tajali's cousin's house


  1. ICE-CREAM!! she is so beautiful....

  2. Wow, what a beautiful place! And an interesting contrast to your Bengali post.

  3. lovely -interesting architecture exterior and lovely interior .... take it all in ..nothing is every wasted in God economy for your life and HIS Kingdom Perspective.


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