My Life, My Heart

Today, I moved to the children's section of Shanti Dan with around 15 children [between 2-10] and five babies.

The children are living in the home for different reasons - their parents have more children then they can support, death of family members, etc.

It is our [volunteers] responsibility to tutor the children and today I worked with a young boy named Danny. He wrote his A,B,C's and numbers 1-20. We are only three volunteers and therefore it is hard to focus attention on just one child, although each child could and SHOULD have a personal tutor [this is their only form of education]. It's very difficult to not want to just sit down with each one and teach colors, counting, writing and adding [and this is just the beginning].

While we cannot hold the babies, one story stuck out to me. One baby girl's mother did not want her to live. She was a prostitute and tried killing her baby. Miraculously the baby came early and a man brought the baby to the home.

I want to hold these little darlings and give them so much love. I want to give them tummy time so they can hold up their heads. I want so much for them.

My senses are on constant overload with Shanti Dan and the streets of Kolkata. I go to bed exhausted.

I'm not perfect.
I do much wrong.
I just desire to love.
I long to see the humanity in all people.
I want to give a piece of Jesus to everyone.
I am weak.
Only He is strong.


  1. your heart is beautiful linds. i am really glad that you are able to post so many updates, it is a little window into the beautiful world of Kolkata. We think of you guys daily and pray for you! He IS strong and that is truth. Love you!


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