I am not made to live in rainy cities, Budapest is evidence.
It's plays with my emotions and gives me "cabin fever".

My bed became the "hang out" spot since it was the only non-bunk bed.
Since it rained at least 80% of the time, we watched many movies, TV shows and youtube videos.
Don't judge [you try getting around a large city without a car - we looked like wet dogs on most days.]

The girls watching a dance video Naomi, Anne and I created to "Money Maker"
[not open to public viewing yet... and may never be]

We leave for India tomorrow and the trip will take nearly two.
Not sure when I'll have Internet access next but know I love Y.O.U.


  1. i am not a rainy city kinda girl either. or a snow kinda girl. i get so bummed out.

    girl, just so you know, the money maker video has been on facebook for days now.


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