Get To Know The Girls - Part 2

Cambria Finzel, 22 - Denver, Colorado

Cambria is shockingly colorful and at first glance might seem intimidating to the average Joe. Having lived in Colorado and California, her arms are covered in tattoos, her style outrageous and she has a thing for music and concerts. But Cam has one of the softest and most tender hearts of anyone. She is kind, calm, giggly, WISE, encouraging, and has the most loving, warm personality. She is a talented photographer with her own funky style and an INCREDIBLE artist. She can draw and paint like Michelangelo and is becoming an incredible knitter. She's humble and generous and has a sensitive side to animals.

Savannah Chastain, 24 - England, Japan, Florida

This little (literally, like 90 lbs) fireball of a girl is driven, loyal, and incredibly hard working. She enjoys running, baking and loves outdoor adventures. Savannah is detail-oriented and I would trust her with anything. She is the oldest of TEN kids and has lived all over the world with her military family. Savannah is exploring the difficult issues [like war & pacifism -- a challenge for a military kid to wrap her head around] and asks difficult questions. She has a degree in English and loves to read.

Naomi Haussmann, 20 - Christchurch, New Zealand

Besides integrating words like oi, jandals and togs into the team’s daily vernacular, Naomi challenges those around her in the deepest ways, always asking difficult questions and struggling, searching, and exploring until she finds the answer. She may come across as intimidating with questions such as, “Where did evil come from?” She loves Jesus and lollies more than anything in the world and lives in a way so contrary to other 20 year-olds in the world. And she writes beautifully. She’s my favorite poet.