May Twenty-10

“Guten Tag” von Herrnhut, Germany!

Many of you know the decision to continue in to this quarter of the Track was very difficult for me. Financially I was not able to pull it off and physically I was/still am sick. But God is providing and while I am still sick, I am making a slow recovery. This quarter is a breath of fresh air and I am excited for the next months.

As a team, we are now studying the history of civilization, the meaning of worldview, language and custom, the history and practice of science, environmental stewardship principles, literature and art, world politics and justice.

On our way from Herrnhut to Budapest, we’ll break into smaller teams and participate in a more focused outreach and complete a photo-documentary. During this time, my team will work with children from Turkish/Gypsy families through partnering with YWAM in Constantia, Romania. Opportunities include a day center, home for young girls, coffee house ministry to youth using creative arts, a publishing house and kid's club.

My address in Budapest until June 5 [wink, wink]:
Bikszadi 56/b
YWAM King's Gate
Lindsay - photogenX
1119 Budapest

One of the greatest gifts of the past few weeks was visiting my family in Germany! During spring break I spent quality time with my cousin [who is like a brother] and his family. I also spent time with my great aunt and a few distant cousins in Dresden and Görlitz [just an hour from the YWAM base].

Our quarter will end in India where we will work with one of the largest unreached-people groups on the planet – the Kashmiri. There are seven million Kashmiri people in the western Himalayas of India. Fewer than 1,000 of them know Jesus. They have a history of conflict and displacement, as their home has been a battleground between India, Pakistan, and China for many years. We are excited about the possibility of getting to work with a ministry that regularly reaches out to them. For more on the Kashmiri people, go HERE.

In other news, I will be traveling and working with ministries throughout Asia during the summer with my friend Natalia. While plans are still in the making we will volunteer at a Mother Teresa home in Kolkata and teach art classes to refugees in Lombok, Indonesia. There are currently 120 stateless people in Lombok from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Iraq. Some have been there ten plus years. The Sri Lanka population is the newest group - they were on a boat in the harbor for five months, refusing to get off...due to no protection of rights in the country of Indonesia. More information to come as we solidify our plans.

Ways To Pray:

1. Money – A quick financial update:

- Starting in May I will receive $670/month out of $1,800/mnth – still needing $1,130

- Spent about $112+ in the last month on an unexpected doctor visit and prescriptions

- Plane tickets throughout Asia are needing to be booked

2. Excellent health – My ear infection is affecting my hearing
3. Insight into new ways art can empower, inspire and bring justice to those I come in contact with – specifically in Romania and Indonesia
4. Relationships with this weeks outreach team members [Megan, Jaylene, Anne]
5. Words of knowledge and encouragement for the workers full-time in the ministries I'll be helping/connecting with - that my team will be unified with them and a blessing
6. Safe Travels - I have many bus, train, auto and flights ahead of me this year
7. Vision & Connections - I have a dream to start an art center and God is giving me ideas to how it will look... SOMEDAY

Thank you for your love and support. I continue to be amazed at how my needs are met by God through you.

Go to MY BLOG and MY OTHER BLOG for stories and photos from my journey of life and seeking justice.

You are loved.