Happy 29th

I celebrated my 29th birthday in Budapest - my first birthday outside of the United States - and my girls made it memorable.

Nay and I had to say goodbye to some friends

Went shopping at H&M - thanks grandma and grandpa
[Got in trouble for taking photos - opps]

Saw some funny signs
[please not the girls in the background]

Pretty fountains in the middle of parks make Budapest A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Wine, cheese and crackers made for the perfect picnic

It started raining on us but we just sat it out

Nothing like a good glass of white wine in a plastic cup

Annie relaxing

All of the girls surprised me with a trip to the Opera
"Pomádé király új ruhája" ['The Empire's New Clothes"]

It was a kid's opera

We act like kids sometimes


  1. aw what an amazing day!!! and an amazing LADY. i love you.

  2. Ohhh happy 29th! it sounds fun! wine in a cup - love it! keepin' in classy. :) tell me 29 isn't scary.

  3. That looked like a delightful day! I love the little girl at the opera.

  4. i love it!

    and why didn't i get that coat? it is so CUTE....

    i love you and living life with you--let's keep doing it?

  5. I love you all!!!! and yes layne, let's keep doing it.... kolkata and ohio?


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