Getting to Know the Girls

My friend, Anne, is introducing each of the girls from our group on her blog. Instead of reinventing the wheel - I've decided to post her words here:

I travel the world with ten INCREDIBLE girls.

We are all so different -- we come from every possible background imaginable.

Life is colorful, exciting, complicated, refreshing.

So, from MY world, I want you to meet my the Track world....

Jaylene Olson, 19 :: Camrose, Alberta, Canada

Jaylene is insanely, ridiculously intelligent. She loves Jane Austen fiercely and she's taught me everything there is to know about Canada, home-schooling, and the Metro system in Athens (literally, she does hours of research about each place before we get there). Jaylene is an incredibly loyal friend and will do ANYthing for those she loves. She helps plan birthday parties, bakes brownies, and most importantly, loves Jesus with a full heart. She worships in the most whole-hearted way and is quick to share a loving & encouraging word. She's the youngest in our group but still engages everyone around her boldly. She's a talented photographer and after this whole crazy journey is over, she's thinking of going to University to study international relations and linguistics.

Natalia Park, 27 :: Buenos Aires, Argentina

A Korean-Argentinean, this trilingual South American is one of the most interesting people I've ever met. She's lived homeless in a surfer's community on the North Shore of Hawaii, photographed and followed Mexican guerrilla fighters through the jungle, and spent time walking the streets and getting to know the people of Cuba -- simply out of compassion and curiosity. She has SO MUCH within her. She pushes and fights for the rest of the group & she dreams about the possibilities for our little team. She has a degree in photojournalism, has never met a stranger, and deeply wishes to see the Gospel partnered with Art & photography to change people's lives.