What If...

I follow Donald Miller's blog in my google reader and in his March 25th entry he challenged his readers by saying, "brainstorm five 'what if' questions as fast as you can. Try to to take the suggestion seriously, but do it fast. What will begin to happen is you’ll begin to dream, you’ll stop thinking of life as stagnant, and you’ll be reminded that life, for the most part, is what you make it."

1. What if I could really empower and inspire kids through art, imagination and creativity?

2. What if I quit track and took a sabbatical with three people that challenge me with questions?

3. What if I found an art center to volunteer/work at and see if #1 can come true?

4. What if I stationed myself in a new place for a period of time longer than 3 months?

5. What if the man of my dreams walked into my life this year?