Random walks in Jerusalem

Megan and Natalia made stuffed peppers for dinner!!!

Natalia is a bit crazy when in public, but I love her

Our new friend who speaks fluent English

Streets of Jerusalem

I love Cambria!!!

Jerusalem at night

Dome of the Rock

Leah stayed up all night and this is her "hitting her wall"

She could barely walk

Garden of Gethsemane

These two stayed up all night and helped each other walk through the streets of Jerusalem
[we walked up and down hills for what seemed like hours but could have been two]

Did I mention they stayed up ALL night?
Oh and let it be known - they spoon fed themselves instant coffee.
Leah... she poured water into her mouth to try and "mix" it all together.

Listening to some guy from Florida talk about Golgotha.
Mind you some of us only slept an hour or two.

Sitting outside Jesus' tomb

Jesus' tomb

Leah on her last straw