A Day In The Life Of....

I came to Istanbul a few days before the rest of the team to spend time with my friend Sandy and her family. Sandy and I were roommates for three years in Omaha and have stayed connected [as much as you can] even when on different sides of the planet.

Some people you just connect with no matter the distance and time.

These are a few photos to capture days in the life of an American mother in Turkey...

Serah loves playing in this box

A typical look from Serah

Nataniel's serious look

Serah watching a bit of TV

For Matthew

Freshly squeezed orange juice on the streets of Istanbul

Starbucks on Taksim [there are four just on that street]

One night Nataniel found the flour in the kitchen and decided it looked like snow

We found him after the damage had been done

He was pretty proud

Mama and Nataniel

Baking homemade chocolate chip scones - YUMMY!

Breakfast time

Although a cold day, we decided to get out of the house

Serah enjoyed the slide

Sandy, Cevdet and Nataniel surrounded by pretty tulips

Hopefully more photos to come!


  1. Did you know my parents are moving there for 6 months of the year from now on to work as M'S? They will be there in May, too bad you guys will all miss them!

  2. Hahaha! Love the flour shots! and, omg, chocolate scones!!

  3. Hey Lindsay! These are great...and I love that you are in Turkey. If we weren't going to Cambodia, I think I'd consider it. So are your long term plans to work in Turkey? Take care of yourself.

  4. Lindsay,
    Thanks so much for sharing the great pictures of Nataniel and Serah. They're growing up so quickly. We especially love the pix of Nataniel playing in the "snow"--can't trust a baby alone in the kitchen!--and Serah on the slide. We're so thankful you were able to spend some extra time with the O's. How we miss all of you!
    Love and hugs...


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