Art, Beauty and Life Part II – Is Beauty and Goodness Enough?

Suggested Reading: “It Was Good: Making Art To The Glory of God” by Ned Bustard

Quote of the Day: “Creation is useful because it is good. It is not good just because it is useful.” - Charlie Peacock

“An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have but that he - for some reason - thinks it would be a good idea to give them.” ~Andy Warhol

I believe many Christian artists feel pressure to preach the gospel through art in order for the church to find their work “useful.” Unfortunately, their work becomes unrecognizable by the rest of the world.

Too often, the art doesn’t fit the “message” from the pulpit, and therefore is never displayed. But what if the message were to fit the art? Can art change the kingdom just by being ‘good’ or beautiful without any “message” attached?

I discussed the idea of ‘goodness,’ beauty and art with a friend and we concluded that God created Eden out of deep love and creativity. “It was good” was what God said of His creation. Eden and humans were masterpieces. His work was good in every way. God didn’t make His creation to prove himself; His creation was an overflow of who He is.

Goodness is God’s essence.

Matthew Tobias is the owner/operator of Empty House Studio in Omaha, Nebraska where he plays drums on and engineers/produces records for artists all over the United States.

“I'm not trying to change the world from behind the drums or display my abilities, my only concern and biggest joy is the song,” Matt said. “While I have to play whatever a particular song might need, the joy is not in the playing of that "thing" it's in the song getting served and being better from my contribution.”

Beauty needs no explanation for beauty explains itself. People can see, find and feel God in the beauty of creativity without it shouting. In the quiet of beauty, He speaks.

As an image bearer of God, I want my art to express beauty and for that beauty to be enough.

Art does not need a "higher" purpose.

Beauty is enough.

Art is enough.

Enjoy it.

Create it.

Contemplate it.

Receive it.

Love it.

Soak in it.

Create, for His creation was good.

“As viewers we are invited to consider the body's capacity for beauty despite it brokenness, in midst of its brokenness and ironically, because of its brokenness.” - Gordon Fuglie (of A Broken Beauty exhibit)

Truth is good and beautiful

Goodness is beautiful and truthful

Beauty is truthful and good