Garbage City + BIG Win

On Sunday afternoon my group traveled to Cave Cathedral [St. Sama'ans Church] in Cairo.

The church is said to be named after Saint Samaan the Tanner whom the Lord used in the miracle of moving the Mokkatam mountain on Nov. 27, 979 A.D from the boundaries of the Elephant Lake (now known as the New Helmeia) to its present location; during the time of the 62nd Patriarch, Bishop Abram Ibn Zaraa the Syrian in the reign of Al Muiz Ledin Illah the Fatimid, the first ruler of the Fatimid dynasty in Egypt.

Inside the church, there are several pieces of art to resurrection, plus two pieces of art portraying the miracle of moving the Mokkatam Mountain.

Annie sitting in one of the cave churches

Natalia and I doing what we do

When I stepped out of the van I met these four cuties.

They became my instant friends and stole my attention and heart.

S, C and I - all smiles

M was sad

After the tour of the cave churches we spent a few hours walking the streets of Garbage City

Between 20,000 and 30,000 people live here and the economy revolves around the collection and recycling of Cairo's garbage. It lacks infrastructure and often has no running water, sewage and electricity. The garbage collectors bring the trash to Garbage City where the people then sort through the trash in an attempt to retrieve potentially useful, reusable or sell-able.

C brought me to her home to meet her mama and family.

Her family sorts buttons out of the trash brought to them.

One of my favorite shots because they are just being kids

My time with my four friends was one to remember. It was a breath of fresh air to be with them and see their world through their eyes, even if only for a few hours

Egypt won the 2010 African Soccer Cup last night. Once the team made the winning goal - the country erupted into loud celebration and did not stopped until late morning.

Congratulations to the Egyptian Soccer Team!

Dude got in trouble for starting the fire

Celebrating in the streets with fire, flags and fifty-thousand [or so] people

Everyone watching the game outside

Store workers celebrating the big soccer victory