The Day The Sun Shined

I spent Monday with one of my favorite families in the world!

Callum picking out his library books to check out.

Not going to lie, I read the Babysitters Club series when I was young.

Callum spreading out his options.

Alana is a book worm and very strategic in her picks.

Peeking into the story.

Found these two books when helping Alana look for some books to read.

Eden wearing her book choices.

Eden picking out a book while Callum reads.
Eden discussing which books she is interested in.

Momma reading.

Which book Lindsay?

Alana checking her million books out.

Baking time!

Eden wanting to help.

Callum setting up his sweet sound system. He takes after his father in musical talent.

Callum's "rocker" face.

Reading the instructions is always important. Accuracy people!


Personally, vanilla makes everything taste yummy.

Momma using her hands.

The essentials.

Callum is always the funny man in the group.

Cookie cut outs.

Pink and blue sprinkles.

The more sugar the better!

These kids LOVE the snow!

And dare each other to do the scary hills.

Dad says, "bring it on!"

Daddy giving Callum a push.

Callum getting some serious AIR!

Alana being a bit dramatic after a spill.

Yep. I love this girl.

Yep. Love this boy.

For some reason Callum decided he needed to do his first grade homework.

Daddy cuddling with Eden's baby. He's a bit odd.

She likes playing "My Heart Will Go On."

Nice angle.

Lindsay: "Well that looks like child labor."
Matt: "It would be if I was paying him."

Wrestling with daddy.

Reading with mommy.