Random Saturdays

I have felt so uninspired about life the last few months. Nothing to write about, nothing to photograph even though life all around me is active, moving and vibrant.

I'm not sure what is happening. Maybe it's a "season". Christians always like to put the term "season" to any aspect of their life.

In an effort to stay connected back home I'm forcing myself to write something, anything, however foolish and ridiculous.

In my other life I'd be:
1. An actress
2. Movie Critic
3. Astronaut
4. CTU Agent

In case you didn't know, I live in a house with 15 girls, two working toilets - three on a good day - and two showers in which one has no curtain.

If anyone knows me, I like whipped cream with my Americano - whipped cream in Cape Town is missing the sugar.

I'd like to surf before I leave this beautiful painting of a place.
I have a great idea for a Christmas present for my parents - shhh.... don't tell them.

Did I mention I'm growing my hair out? I started growing it out in March of 2009 and do not plan on "cutting" it until April of 2011 [if I decide to even then]. Trims are allowed - MUST keep the shape.

I'm researching options for my time in Cairo and India - I have my ideas, it's just a matter of making it work.

Tonight may or may not be filled with Speed Scrabble, Nerts and reading.

I'm reading "Change of Heart" by Jodi Piccoult. This is my third book of hers I'm reading. We have a sort of book exchange within our group.