October Update

“The camera is the magical device that transmits what is going on inside the photographers heart and mind into the hearts and minds of others.” David Finn

Hello family and friends.

My days in Muizenburg, South Africa are busy with class, assignments and ministry. I tend to roll out of bed around 6 a.m. to take photos before class at 8:30 a.m. Photography class runs until lunch and the rest of the day is designated for ministry and photo assignments.

While I am now settling in to my beautiful life “here” the first few weeks in Cape Town were a challenge. Uncertainty and doubt tried to creep in as the realization of the sacrifice it takes to not only ‘live in’ but also ‘commit to’ community. But, God and I sat down, had a ‘one on one’ and reminded me why I am here. I made a public commitment to each individual and, now, I have peace and look forward to the next chapter in this book called “MY LIFE”.

My community of 19 live in a house that is a 10-minute walk to the Indian Ocean and a 20-minute walk to Capricorn, a township consisting of 20,000 persons, primarily Afrikaans-speaking coloreds along with a mix of other South African tribal groups and a variety of immigrants from Malawi, Zimbabwe, Cameroon and the Congo. HIV/AIDS infection is at 37% and Tuberculosis tracks a similar percentage. Unemployment is at 85%. Drug and alcohol abuse abounds and poverty characterizes the community. Many children go to bed hungry, the streets are litter-filled and most housing is shacks.

We have partnered with Clinton Losper, 38, who is widely known and respected in this community, to pray every Monday IN Capricorn at 6:30 p.m. We hope those within and outside the community will join us and continue praying after we leave.

I am in the process of creating a proposal for a photography class that three of my friends and I would like to start on Saturday, October 31st for children living in Capricorn. The process is detailed but very worth the effort. We are writing a letter to possible business donors to help fund and support our class. Visit our blog HERE.

We, as a community, are looking at the possibility of extending our time in Asia/Southeast Asia by three months in order to travel to cities that are directly related to issues we feel God will have us focus on. When considering 19 individual lives, this decision is not one to make quickly. We want to extend our time only if it is what God’s wants and the whole group can get behind. This decision will obviously have money implications.

Ways to pray:

  1. Please pray that my community would continue to live IN love. Our community desires to be an expression of the Kingdom of God. Therefore, we must live in forgiveness, open communication, trust and non-judgmental mindsets. Always putting each other first.
  2. Please pray for the photography class we are starting. Pray for our kids – may they know their worth in their Father’s eyes as they see God’s creation with new eyes. Pray for commitment, involvement and excitement. Pray that Natalia and I would see into their world and therefore learn more about the Kingdom of God.
  3. Please pray for the 20,000 persons in Capricorn. May the love of God overwhelm this community. May their physical needs (jobs, food, etc.) as well as their spiritual needs be met. Pray for the Holy Spirit to flow into the dark corners of the streets and bringing light. Pray this community would be a Garden of Eden where new life springs forth and subdues the earth.
  4. Please pray for the finances of my whole community. . Many from my team still need their first $4,600.While I sold my car and have the first $4,600 I am still in need of the next $6,200. I know this is where God has me and I know He will provide.
  5. Please pray that the FLEAS AND ANY OTHER BUGS in our house would be GONE!!! I’m tired of itching.
  6. Please pray for clarity among our group as we decide whether or not to extend our time in Asia. We want clarity, unity and God’s direction when we make our final decision.
  7. Please pray for God’s direction throughout the next year and a half. We want to speak on behalf of God’s heart and nothing else. Not our desires but His. We are continually asking God what that looks like, and how we can communicate clearly.

Thank you for the continual support you give to my life. Your encouraging words, prayers and financial giving are a blessing. I love you all!

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He cause His face to shine upon you. May He give you a community to pour your life into and learn to seek His Kingdom together. May you experience His love in ways you never knew were possible and out of that love bring true peace wherever you go.

“I am like you because I have a choice. To become bitter, cynical, jaded and hard. Anybody can do that. A lot have. Hatred is a powerful, unifying force. And there is a lot to be repulsed by. Or like you, I can reclaim my innocence… We can insist that hope is real and a group of people who love God and others really can change the world.” – Rob Bell