Alesandra's Beautiful Mess

Quote of the Day: “Danger often lurks where destiny beckons.” – Hadassah, One Night With the King

On Saturday the 22 girls on my team spoke at a woman’s conference and afterwards mingled with the crowd.

Kids seem to always interest me more than most adults. We have instant connections that make goodbyes insanely hard to complete.

That’s what happened when I met 4-year-old Alesandra. Her inviting smile, sweet disposition and interest in talking with me won my heart.

For the next 20 minute the two of us conversed through a translator. Alesandra loves playing with dolls and is learning to speak English. She recited the Lord’s Prayer and counted to ten in English. Her energy level was explosive and made me think I was much like her in my younger years.

I didn’t want to say goodbye. I wanted to talk with her all day, play games and sing songs. As she wrapped her little arms around my neck, I whispered into her ear, “I love you my friend.” Alesandra looked at me with her big brown eyes and long eyelashes, “I love you!”

She held on and as I reluctantly pulled her away I told her to love Jesus with all her heart.

On Sunday, the Twelve Hearts painted on the streets of Panama City. We focused on Isaiah 62 and asked God to show us His heart for the people in this area.

My heart traveled back to Alesandra. So much energy, beauty and life to give this world.

She inspired me.

Alesandra’s Beautiful Mess

Oh Lord, may Alesandra grow into a woman who loves you deeply. May the JOY of the LORD be her strength for all the days of her life. I pray she would bring HOPE wherever she steps. Amen.

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