Dream List

- Be married
- Skydive [August 2003]
- Bungee jump
- Travel to Europe for fun [Quit my job in may of 2005 and traveled with my best friend until July 2005]
- Ride in a hot air balloon
- Go to Afghanistan [November 2004]
- Go to New Zealand
- Go to Hawaii
- Ski over a jump successfully [first time I broke my kneecap]
- White water raft in BIG rapids
- Be a part of an orphanage/home
- See a revolution among children in a different nation that follows the King
- Write a personal article that gets published
- Receive a white rose from the man I love
- Go to the moon and back
- Visit Dresden and Herrnhut Germany
- Touch every continent with my feet [North America [my life], South America, Europe [2005], Africa [1999], Asia [2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007], Australia, Antarctica]
- Raise Godly children with my husband
- Be adventurous and explore wherever I go
- Live in another country for a year
- Take photos all over the world
- Sit on the Today Show, Prime Time news, or a daytime show and talk about my home for children or photos or article or something else
- Ride in a helicopter and take photos (Was asked by a Pakistani commander in 2005 – but it snowed the day it was scheduled)
- Get a photo published in a magazine or paper
- Taste wine at a vineyard in Napa Valley
- Go to India
- Swim with dolphins
- Fly a plane myself [Burlington, IA summer of 2006]
- Travel to all the baseball stadiums and watch a game in each
- Watch a match at the US Open in NYC
- Travel to Greece [2010]
- Travel to Israel [2010]
- See U2 in concert
- See a Bon Jovi concert
- Work in a bookstore
- Go to TONS of Broadway shows
~ Phantom of the Opera [3x: Kansas City, Omaha, Omaha]
~ Lion King [1x: London 2005]
~ Stomp [3x: NYC 2003, Omaha 2004, Lincoln 2005]
- Play a few beats on the drums
- Be in a movie (I’d take being an extra )
- Write a speech for something/someone
- Make a video using Final Cut Pro
- Meet my friends in another country for a vacation [Brittany & Lulu in Roma 2010]
- Take tennis lessons [Summer of 2007]
- Make it to the Olympics to watch gymnastics
- Live on the water
- Learn a foreign language and speak it well
- Take surf lessons [September 2008]
- Live on a coast [Kona, HI; Cape Town, South Africa; Egypt]
- Drive cross country with a friend for six months asking questions to people about their dreams while photographing them and making a book of my collections.
- Meet someone famous
- Fly first class
- Ride on the Concord
- Learn to swing dance
- Be on a reality TV Show – my best friend and I sent a tape to the amazing race and never heard back.
- Travel through Maine in the fall
- Own a Jeep
- Have a dog I like that I can call my own (Bought Mocha in December of 2006)
- March in protest against something
- Work for a paper/magazine (Omaha World Herald & The Daily Nonpareil, May 2007-March 2009)
- Get a Master’s degree in Journalism
- Live in a Loft/Row house
- Believe in myself
- Open a coffee shop with my husband
- Own a vespa
- Go to space camp
- See a whale
- Climb Cadillac Mountain
- Stay in a bed and breakfast in Rhode Island
- Kayak in the ocean
- See the green flash
- Zip on a Zip line
- Drive Highway 1

...and still dreaming...


  1. I LOVE this list! And I love it that you've already accomplished so many things on it! That is awesome. I think I'll start one myself.


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