100 Facts

1. I have a tendency to fall asleep during movies no matter how much I like them.
2. To say I like to cuddle is an understatement.
3. I am a late night comedian.
4. An idealist.
5. A hopeful romantic.
6. I loathe Wal-Mart and made a commitment never to shop there.
7. I have a paranoia of triple checking locks, garage doors, and straightners... Some refer to it as OCD.
8. I have to be the last one to go to the bathroom and get into bed.
9. I totally believe I can fall in love like the movies.
10. I have favor among children.
11. I am against capital punishment. I believe it teaches that some people are beyond redemption and that goes against God’s word.
12. Creighton over Nebraska any day.
13. Africa will always be my first love.
14. I have a desire to partner with someone and take photos all over the world together.
15. As much as I am an activator I am lazy... and OK with it.
16. Martin Luther King Jr. is my hero.
17. I notice everyone who is left-handed.
18. I have a horrible obsession with chocolate chip cookies and brownies.
19. I have a deep love for tennis.
20. I have a hidden talent of having many different types of voices.
21. I never understood the word addiction until I realized I couldn’t go a day without espresso.
22. I have a deep desire to live in a community home.
23. I am a rule follower that longs to be a rebel.
24. I am not as tough as everyone believes.
25. Tears flow like a faucet from me.
26. I have an abnormal gagging reflex.
27. I’m realizing that familiarity does in fact breed contempt.
28. Making a place “my own” sounds so creative.
29. Sunsets, stars, the ocean, and mountains reach a place inside me that takes my breath away.
30. I dislike traveling but thrive on arriving.
31. If I've learned anything in my life it is this: I can trust in the LOVE of Jesus.
32. I'd rather have an intimate wedding than one with many people.
33. Texting is an important form of communication in my life.
34. My taste in music is as random as the weather in Omaha.
35. I nearly died from a tape worm while living in Pakistan.
36. One minute I am extremely hyper and then next I am ready for bed.
37. I am not a pack rat and really own just enough to fill one room.
38. I am a nail biter.
39. And a dreamer.
40. My heart belongs next to the ocean.
41. My eyes are bigger than my stomach.
42. I love laughter - especially with the ones I love.
43. If I had a super power it would be to fly so I could save thousands on airfare.
44. I love to eat at new restaurants, playing in the rain, and watching the sunset over the ocean by a fire.
45. I'm scared of men with molester mustaches.
46. I love my dog Mocha.
47. Road trips are a breath of fresh air.
48. Dance parties with friends bring a smile to my face and anyone else that watches.
49. Sports energize me whether I play or yell at the T.V. while I watch it.
50. Comfort food when sick: grilled cheese and tomato soup.
51. Obsessions include: 24, adventure, Broadway shows, Pride and Prejudice, and blogging.
52. I get a high off of daring others to do dumb stuff as I sit and watch.
53. Reading is a must.
54. My personality is loud and fun comes naturally.
55. I was in gymnastics for 11 years and went to the Jr. Olympics twice.
56. I received a scholarship for softball at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. I disliked the school so much I left after my freshman year.
57. I desire to see everyone fulfill the call God has placed on his or her life - but learning that I can't make that happen...
58. As much as I like to learn new things I don't like the work that goes into studying it.
59. Life isn’t as black and white as I thought and that scares the hell out of me because it leaves room for the unknown.
60. Someday I will get to travel to outer space.
61. I am a sucker for those sports stories they play during games and the Olympics.
62. I keep every room in the house clean except my bedroom.
63. I started writing a book in 2007 that I do not know how to finish.
64. Scrap booking always sounds fun at the beginning but a year later I ask myself why I started it.
65. The violin combined with the piano is the most beautiful sound.
66. I’m not a big jewelry girl.
67. Coldplay is my favorite musical group with U2 a close second.
68. My favorite color changes with my mood.
69. Greg Maddux has been my favorite baseball player since I was 10 years old.
70. I have a saying that goes something like this: "You live life once, live it as a musical."
71. Candles and twinkle lights put a smile on my face.
72. I enjoy happy hour in my back yard.
73. I’m beginning to see that dreams don’t necessarily die... They are merely tweaked as the Lord leads.
74. I'm convinced that a nap can brighten all bad days.
75. Politics intrigue me but not enough to vote.
76. I am an only child – start making your judgments.
77. I studied German for 4 1/2 years and to the dismay of my family I still can't speak it.
78. I'm convinced that I was born to roam and made for adventure.
79. I used to set REALLY HIGH expectations... Now I only set HIGH expectations... I’m working on not having any.
80. People have a way of draining me yet energizing me.
81. Starring out a window on a rainy or snowy day brings joy to my soul.
82. Flowers win me over every time.
83. I prefer hot tubs to television.
85. Down comforters are clouds on earth.
86. As opinionated as I am I still ask questions.
87. Running always sounds good until the time comes for me to do it.
88. Motivation comes easy on most things but other times it's like pulling teeth with me.
89. I now know what I don't know.
90. I tend to believe anything is possible for others.
91. I think all cars should have sunroofs.
92. I love family even if it’s dysfunctional.
93. Loyalty and commitment are essential.
94. I believe iTunes makes it way to easy to buy music.
95. Not confronting an issue drives me insane.
96. My favorite punctuation mark is the ellipses.
97. I play the air drum in the open technique.
98. Song writing intrigues me... Words speak deeply to my soul.
99. My first car was a 1989 blue Honda Accord named Rhonda.
100. World class talent: I can burp like a man.