Home School

I never would have guessed home school events would be the big hit in Portland, but alas I am surprised once again.

We had three home school events.
1. "High school" with around 60 students + parents
2. Elementary with around 30 students + parents
3. Book Sale

Sarah spoke to the "high schoolers". As you can tell not all the students were in high school, but the response was very good. May asked great questions and bought books.

 We had a lot more elementary students then anticipated!

 We followed our journey on the world map.
The kids helped us find the 12 countries we traveled to together!

Savannah told the kids that they can make a difference Here and Now.
They do not need to wait until they are 21 to change the world!

We wrote encouraging notes to our neighbors, our brothers/sisters, or so someone we knew that needed cheering up.

Small acts of genuine love from kids can and WILL change the world!

Our table at the book sale.