The 365 Day Journal Experiment

I'm not very good at journaling.

Maybe ironic?

But, in an effort to challenge me to be more intentional with journaling not only events from a day, but lessons I may have picked up during the day, I bought myself a tiny Molwskine daily planner.

My goal is to write one thing I did and one lesson I learned each day.

I thought I would share the first six days of 2011:

Nearly died from waves at Kua Bay.
- New, fresh hope.
- Don't give up because Jesus didn't give up.

Watched the sunset at the top of Manna Kea volcano.
Saw a billion stars.
- Awake my soul. You were made to meet your maker.
- Where you invest your love, you invest your life.

Went to South Point and lava "flow".
- I am worth being valued.

Hike Waipio Valley BARE FOOT!
Saw a double rainbow.
- God remembers.

Saw Akaka Falls.
Starting to panic, can't breath, in tears, walls are closing in.
- I am blessed.

Ate at Holuakoa Gardens [an amazing restaurant that uses local organic farm food].
- Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart.