For the "American Grandparents"

Baked the brownies my mommy sent to Deutschland

Sleeping Matilda in her daddy's arms

Smiling Matilda

Martin is such a great daddy

Matilda smiling at her aunt Lindsay

Martin's Lego army

The little bubble bee

Martin and Silke's apartment - nice fish tank!

Martin's AWESOME guitars

Getting Matilda to sleep

Matilda is drooling, Martin is trying to console, and Silke is just plain cute

Family photo with an upset little girl

A bit better

One of my favorites

Such a sweet couple

One of my favorites


  1. Hi Lindsay,
    We haven't met, my name is Claudia and I'm a friend of Silke and Martin. Sorry to hear you were sick and couldn't join us for the quiz at the Irish pub in Hamburg. Hope you are better now.
    Great pictures - Silke sent me the link.
    Enjoy the rest of your journey!
    Best wishes,


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