My Community, My LIFE

Here are a bunch of random photos that my friends gave me.

This is my life. This is my community:

Waiting for the train in Cairo

Sitting in a booth on the streets of Cairo

Sitting by the ocean in Alexandria
Time for refreshments called FANTA [orange]

Cambria and I

Naomi, Cambria and I [they are like by baby sisters ;) ]

Yep, we drove around in a van with curtains over the windows... A bit sketchy

Must love the head coverings

Being weird - what else is new?

Annie [my dear friend] and I

My girls

You know it

More from "that time at the pyramids"

kissing MOSES

Natalia and I cuddling in the early morning

coffee, CoFfEe, COFFEE!!!!

Natalia and I pulling out our dance routine for the group

We like our wine in cheap white plastic cups

Wine from the Holy Land