January Twenty-10 Update

Greetings from the Middle East!

Today I saw the pyramids and rode a camel named M.O.S.E.S.

He is the best camel ever, and I will debate you on that!

My time in Egypt has been challenging, encouraging, refreshing and emotional.

January was packed with...

- Reading the "Bible," "Simple Spirituality" and "Making Poverty Personal - Taking the Poor as Serious as the Bible Does."

- Answering the question, "What truths does God give us [through the Bible] to combat poverty and how do we NOW apply those principles to make poverty history? [A photo video is in the making]

- Interviewing the founder of an arts program with street children

- Meeting and encouraging the photography branch of that art program

- Visiting the pyramids!!!

- Continuing to learn how to live in community

- Eating falafels and then eating more falafels - Y.U.M. [Maybe too many and need to start a "falafel free diet"? hmmm...]

- Discussing how art can combat poverty and what my role is [Art Center of sorts?]

- Catching up with my leader, Paul, who visited from Kona.

I travel north Sunday and will be moving "non-stop" through the end of February. "On the road again..."

Ways to pray:

- Sore back and neck

- Peaceful, deep and lovely dream filled sleep

- Money [Currently receiving $275/mnth out of $1,800/mnth - still needing $1,525]

- Opportunities to pick the brains of more people in the art/injustice field

- Peace when the future seems unknown, scary and a big black hole

- Insight as to what my extended time in Central Asia will look like [Brainstorming ideas to stay in India a bit longer - talking ideas over with Paul]

- Constant community living = learning to LOVE in word and deed

- Insight/wisdom as I communicate/speak into lives of my friends

Thank you for believing that what I do is impacting lives. My heart always knows the truth but moments filled with lies try to tell me otherwise. The road "feels" lonely at times...

Until I think of YOU and realize, I am not crazy... Well crazy, maybe, but following HIS leading - yes.

Go to MY BLOG for more stories and photos of my journey!

Going because He told me to and not looking back or too far into the future, but taking one day at a time because otherwise I would have a panic attack,

Yep, that's me - Lindsay.


  1. Um actualy its greetings from North Africa. Just teasing, love reading your blog, im so excited you get to be in that culture, Arabs are seriously some of the most amazing people I have met. Blessss you!


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