Kiss and Be Kissed - The Day The World Had M.O.R.E.

My twenty-10 resolution is M.O.R.E.

M.O.R.E. laughter
M.O.R.E. tears
M.O.R.E. kissing
M.O.R.E. falling
M.O.R.E. hugs
MO.R.E. photos
M.O.R.E. emotion
M.O.R.E. blog posts
M.O.R.E. giving
M.O.R.E. receiving
M.O.R.E. questions
M.O.R.E. listening
M.O.R.E. books
M.O.R.E. observing
M.O.R.E. adventures
M.O.R.E. change
M.O.R.E. smiles

...and so much M.O.R.E.

Cheers. Love. Be Merry.

New Years Eve

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