A Cry For Liberation

By two desperate rebels [Cambria and Naomi]

[These two are like little sisters and I. I wanted to give them space on my blog... Enjoy.]

I love the liberation of being able to do things I thought I wasn’t able to do - to make a decision for myself, because I am an adult now.

I will write in the margins of my lined notebook, because I can fit more. I will get my pants wet in the ocean and jump into the pool fully clothed. I will let my sleeves fall into the sink when I am washing dishes. I wish shout really loud whenever I want. I will wear underwear two days in a row. I will wear my slippers to class. I will wear my socks to class. I will walk barefoot on the street. I will not put my winter coat on and just wear layers. I will double dip. Maybe even triple if I’m feeling really liberated. I will smoke inside my apartment. I wont finish my plate of food when I am full. I will drive over the speed limit, and make illegal U turns. I will hitchhike. I will get tattoos. HAH. I will eat treats before dinner. I will eat the dang cookie dough and suffer the consequences later. I will burp out loud. I will laugh at gross jokes. I will use profanities when I stub my toe. I will act on my emotions, even if they’re destructive. I

will wear plaid with stripes. And I will wear pink with red. I will skip breakfast so I can sleep in. I will go to bed WHEN I WANT. I will pull all nighters. I will skinny dip. I will swing on a swing set late at night. I will let it be known when I have to go number two, by saying “I have to poop.” I will NOT apply sunscreen. I will play my music obnoxiously loud and not care who it bothers. I won’t wear appropriate clothing for the season, as long as I look good. I DON’T CARE IF MY FEET HURT I LOOK DAMN GOOD IN THESE HEELS. I will go bare foot on the dance floor. I will color outside the lines. I will read with the lights down low. I will sit in front of the television really close for hours on end because I AM LAZY. I will make this face and it wont get stuck like that. I will swallow watermelon seeds and not have

a tree grow out my ears. I will clip my toenails REALLY short. I will bite my fingernails. I will play my iPod loud even if I might go deaf. I WILL WEAR G STRINGS THEY ARE NOT SENDING THE GUYS THE WRONG MESSAGE BECAUSE THEY ARENT SEEING IT. I will drink coke and eat leftover junk food for breakfast. I will chew gum with my braces on. I will NOT wear my retainer in public! I will leave all the lights on because I am scared. Snot will not come out of my nose piercing when I blow it. If I spill, I will not clean it up right away. CRAP is NOT a swear word. I will not use correct punctuation in

e-mails. I will put my feet up on the table. I will not put my napkin on my lap. I will slurp because DAMN IT’S FUN. I will chew with my mouth open. I will play with my food. I will start a food fight because its fun. I will not offer my guests a drink - they know where the drinks are. I will not clean up when guests come over. I will not signal when making a turn. I will not make my bed. And I will not have my blankets tucked in. I will not drive with my hands at 10 and 2. I will write on my hand. If I fart, I will let it be known.

All these things just to break away from what my mother and father told me I could never do. But I have seen the light. I have done all these things AND I AM STILL ALIVE MUM.

P.S. – We love our parents very much. Thanks for your guidance - we realize it does benefit our health [some what].


  1. I have no words, but I am chuckling
    I love you girl


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